9:50 AM in a morning, a Fedex deliveryman knocked my door while I was still half-asleep. A new IP CAM (AVTECH AVN 80X) was wrapped in a box and my dog was sniffing the box thoroughly. She probably thought it was something to eat. Dog face

AVTECH just released the previous model AVN 304 a couple months ago. If you could not remember it, you can see my previous article (Unboxing IP CAM – AVN 304). Now AVTECH puts its foot a step forward nimbly and aims to replace its old model with the new one AVN 80X. I did not test this IP CAM immediately till I received another equipment SAPIDO wireless router.

In this article, I will share my testing experiences in four parts- unboxing, Windows7, Android, and iPAD experiences. Since most of functions I have tested before, I will mostly pay attention to new features.

Unboxing Experience: image

  • The outer box uses blue color gradient. Without second thought, I know the main purpose of this IP CAM – security protection. I personally like the design the outer box.


  • Package Content: imageWhen I unboxing the AVN 80X, It comes with camera body, adapter, bracket, and a quick start manual. The only main difference is that this model has a Micro SD Card Slot. People may be confused with several terms such as SD, Mini SD, and Micro SD. I will share with you my experience later.


  • Router: image When I received the wireless router, I thought AVTECH have a new technology to turn their IP CAM into wireless, but I was wrong. This is a normal wireless router, which means I still need to use a wired network line to connect to the AVN 80X. In other words, this IP camera still operates with a wired network and is not equipped with a wireless chip itself. I have my own wireless router so I don’t want to make it too complex for testing AVN 80X.


Windows 7 Experience: image

  • The login interface is no difference compared to the previous version. Again, the default IP is used to log into the main interface. When you first time login, the software will analyze your network environment to ensure this IP CAM can connect outside.


  • IP Setting: As I described earlier the default IP is, you can change the IP and Port as you like.


Video Comparison (1280 x 1024 vs. 720p vs. 320 x 240) :image For the best quality (1280 x 1024), you have to move around the screen to see the entire image. As advertised, the HD image is clear and has high quality. For the quality (320 x 240), the image is relatively smaller.

Best-SXGA (1280 x 1024 )

Best.720P (720p )

basic.QVGA (320 x 240)

  • LED light: imageCompared to AVN 304, AVN 80X has a better control of LED light in that you can adjust the strength of light by yourself.


  • Alarm: imageIt plays security sounds and can be triggered. The sound is loud enough to scare thieves. In addition, it comes with the audio detection function. That is, when the system detects sounds, the alarm can be triggered.


Two-Way Audio: imageCompared to AVN304, AVN 80X provides two-way audio communication. The sound quality is okay but the volume is a little bit small. When I talk louder, an echo effect is fairly obvious. It is good to have two-way audio communication, but the function still needs to be enhanced. That is, it takes extra efforts for me to communicate with my wife when I use this function.


Recording Video: imageCompared to AVN 304, AVN 80X accepts a Micro SD card to record video clips. The manual and instruction is vague because I though SD refers to regular SD rather than Micro SD.  They should provide more detailed information about this function and compatibility issues. By clicking the gray circle, it will start recording videos.



DPTZ Navigation:image With DPTZ, you can enlarge the image and focus on certain objects. In this image, I move the focus to my dog (Latte).

Compared to the interface of Google Map, the interface of DPTZ can be fine-turned. The icons can be put around the image to better use the space.



Android Experience: image
I used Verizon Incredible Android phone to test this IP CAM.

  • Install EagleEyes(Lite+): It is good to see free Android applications. Search EagleEyes and install it.


  • Push Notification Setting: This requires your email to active the push notification setting. In general, it will be the email used in your phone.


  • Add a new device via the interface and then click the image.


  • Horizontal View: imageAgain, I like the video quality. It shows my living room with myself, my dog, and my wife. When you wipe the screen the image will move to your finger direction. However, it’s not that sensitive.



  • Vertical View: The icons show up when you rotate your phone into vertical position. It provides full function like Windows’s browser.


iPAD Experience: image

iPAD2 was used for this test.

  • Install: Search for EagleEyesHD Lite and install it.


  • Push Notifications: Again, you have to allow this application to send you push notifications.


  • Add a device to your application.


  • It shows two images – my home and demo site. You directly click the image to start navigating the camera.


  • Interface: imageI always like to watch videos on my iPAD because of better experiences and qualities.  All icons are in the bottom. My dog sat next to me.


  • DPTZ: I used the DPTZ to navigate the image and my dog watched the image with me.


Overall Experience:image

I see a lot of improvements for this new model. However, I look forward to seeing wireless to be added in this device in the future. Wired IP CAM is a hurdle for many people to get a line in every corner.

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  3. stephen says:

    How does this camera do without the LED turned on? The reason I ask is that I would prefer the light off, so if an intruder entered, the camera would not “announce” itself with a bright light.

  4. Mohamed says:

    Does the IPHONE or IPHONE must stay connected to the interent to recieve the Push Notification?

  5. Danny says:

    I need price and info

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